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Furnitureideaforhome is the biggest online Furniture store which provides lots of option to their customer for buying the online product.

We like to bring the place of your dreams to life. We emphasize comfort and aesthetics while providing you with well-designed, fun and functional furniture solutions.

We offer our customers home and office furniture, along with solutions for laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare establishments, education and training institutes, shipyards and navy, auditoriums and stadiums.

We have highly qualified research and experienced team. Our mission is to recommend the best solution for our customer.

Meet the Team

We are a team makers thinkers and explores our talented multidisciplinary team of expert, realize opportunities and consistently deliver truly exceptional services.

Mostly because we were so focused on helping our clients, we kept prioritizing ourselves. I and my team are key to my brand. A brand’s personality is really only an extension of my personality as a founder and as a team.
People don’t develop personal relationships with brands. They engage with the awesome people who give the brands meaning, personality and life, and we are one of the best brands.

Nazeer Patel

(Founder & CEO)

She develops an organizational environment that promotes positive staff morale and performance. Having a can-do problem-solving attitude help the company to come up with a great strategy to performs best.

Viresh Jain

(Vice President)

He is driven by the idea that the best work is born from the dedication of craftmanship and passion for performing best.

His leadership qualities and vision for effective management help the company to achieve massive success.

An avid reader, traveler, motivational speaker.

Binita Prasad


She controls any and evaluates the organizations fundraising planes and capital structure. She communicates a vision for the company and takes steps to make it a reality

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Furniture Idea for Home

Enjoy Reliability and Flexibility on One of the World’s Most Scalable Platforms.That allows you to give the best matching product based on your interests.

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